AMP Class

AMP Class

7 Seasons

Looking for a high energy class? Jump right in and feel the energy come through the screen and into your room! We tailor these workouts to build endurance, strength and balance.

Target Audience: Walking without assistive device, no recent falls, able to stand for 20-25 minutes without difficulty, may need hand support close by for some exercises

Avg Time: 30-45 min

Equipment: hand weights (1-3 lbs), chair, yoga mat,

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AMP Class
  • AMP Class with France: Session 1

    Episode 1

    Exercises include lunges in multiple directions, planks in multiple forms, standing coordination and balance. This workout will leave your heart pumping as you work on functional movements in standing and on the ground. Have a mat, some small hand weights and a bottle of water ready!

  • AMP Class with France: Session 2

    Episode 2

    Exercises include: Squats, lunges, wt shifting activities, planks with alternating leg lifts, pushups and jumping jacks. Modifications given for all exercises. Jump in to this workout and get a good challenge with big movements today!

  • AMP Class with France: Session 3

    Episode 3

    Exercises include: back extension on the ground, jumping jacks, lunges, mountain climbers, and balance work on single leg. Weights optional. Have fun with this high energy workout.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 4

    Episode 4

    Exercise include: back lunges, trunk extension, bridges, mountain climbers using a towel to easily slide along the floor. You may want to be on a surface that is smooth to utilize the towel. All exercise can be modified to perform without a towel. Jump on in on the fun!

  • AMP Class with France: Session 5

    Episode 5

    Are you ready for another high-intensity workout!? France focuses on trunk extension on the ground, sumo squats, pushups with balance challenge and high knees with trunk rotation. No special equipment needed.

  • AMP class with France: Session 6

    Episode 6

    Have fun with this workout engaging the core and legs. Exercises involve jumping, planks, Single leg stance and abdominal work on the ground. You may want some light handweights with you and a yoga mat.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 7

    Episode 7

    France focuses on single leg standing balance, elbow planks with a knee touchdown, jump squats, mountain climbers and squats with a kick! Modifications given for each exercise. Give it a shot! You'll surprise yourself!

  • AMP Class with France: Session 8

    Episode 8

    France focuses on forward lunges, back lunges, side planks and lateral step outs. Modifications given for each level. Let France put you to work!

  • AMP With France: Session 9

    Episode 9

    France keeps things fresh with body weight shifts and step outs, Frog hops and burpees in this workout. Build strength, coordination and amplitude with this workout!

  • AMP Class with France: Session 10

    Episode 10

    France focuses on full-body strength and coordination, getting up/down off the ground, rolling, side lunges and bird dogs. This will work your whole body. Jump right in!

  • AMP Class with France: Session 11

    Episode 11

    Big amplitude jumping in 2 different ways with modifications for those that have trouble, moving planks from hands to elbows, and situps with rotation.This workout will keep you challenged, working on size, balance and core strength!

  • AMP Class with France: Session 12

    Episode 12

    Exercises include lunges forward and backward, side planks, traditional planks, squats with jumping.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 13

    Episode 13

    France focuses on power and core strength in this high intensity exercise class. Exercises include jumping jacks, pushups, sit ups with trunk rotation, a fun fencing simulation and crawling on all fours.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 14

    Episode 14

    France focuses on core strength and getting your heart pumping in this high-intensity exercise class. Exercises include: Back lunges to kickouts, squats to overhead raises, and bridges with chest press.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 15

    Episode 15

    France does a high-intensity exercise that will get your heart pumping using only the weight of the body!! Ready to get moving!?
    Exercises include: Quick lunges, lateral squats, standing kickouts and lateral sidesteps from a squat position.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 16

    Episode 16

    Our enthusiastic personal trainer, France Marien, goes through another high intensity exercise video where she uses a chair to warm-up with & then moves on to upper body & core exercises. Get ready to sweat it out!
    Exercises include: Tricep Dips, Single leg squats, Seated trunk rotation.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 17

    Episode 17

    France focuses on core strength and full range of motion in this exercise video. Press play to get moving!

    Exercises include: Lunges, squats, crunches and planks with a twist.