Tai Chi with Jenny

Tai Chi with Jenny

3 Seasons

Jenny moves you through coordinated movements in standing that challenge your brain and body as you work to improve balance, posture and slow, controlled movement. These movements are inspired by Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance but do not follow the exact protocol. These videos work through a progression so be sure to start with form 1 and move forward!

Target Audience: Those with the ability to stand comfortably with or without arm support. You can still perform most of the exercises from a chair using the arm motions if needed.

Avg time 30-40 min

Equipment: Chair, Pillow

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Tai Chi with Jenny
  • Tai Chi with Jenny: Introduction

    Episode 1

    This is Jenny's introduction to her new tai chi series focusing on balance, flexibility, motor sequencing and coordination.

  • Tai Chi with Jenny: Form 1-Move the Ball

    Episode 2

    This session focuses on form one and weight shifting.

  • Form 2: Part Wild Horse's Mane

    Episode 3

    This session will challenge weight shifting, stepping, and sequencing movements.

  • Form 3: Single Whip

    Episode 4

    Jenny focuses on weight shifting and multi-directional stepping.

  • Form 4: Wave Hands Like Clouds

    Episode 5

    This tai chi session focuses on form 4, balance, and stepping around obstacles.

  • Linking Form 1-4

    Episode 6

    This tai chi session focuses on hand-eye coordination and linking forms 1-4 with and without cuing.

  • Tai Chi with Jenny: Second Series Introduction

    Episode 7

    This series focuses on forms 4-8, while also challenging balance, flexibility, motor sequencing, cognitive sequencing, and increasing self-awareness.

  • Form 5: Repulse Monkey

    Episode 8

    This session will practice form 5, and linking form 1-5 with opening form.

  • Form 6: Brush Knees

    Episode 9

    This video is about Form 6: Brush Knees

  • Form 7: Fair Lady Works at Shuttles

    Episode 10

    Jenny introduces form 7. This form works on shuttles as well working on spatial orientation and turning.

  • Quick Review of Form 8: Grasp Peacock's Tail

    Episode 11

    Jenny guides you through a quick review of Form 8 - Grasp Peacock's Tail, and practices Closing Form, along with standing weight shift and turning practice.

  • Form 8: Grasp Peacock's Tail

    Episode 12

    This session focuses on Form 8 - Grasp Peacock's tail, which has the most components out of all the forms. It is encouraged for you to view this video again to practice the form. This session also challenges your balance along with sensory integration.

  • Quick Overview of Series 1 & 2

    Episode 13

    Jenny runs through an overview of her first and second series, starting with opening form, forms 1-8, and ending with closing form.