Boxing Workouts

Boxing Workouts

12 Episodes

Boxing involves BIG, intense, whole-body movements as well as a cognitive challenge. These videos are all boxing inspired to give you a fun challenge. We hope it's a knock-out for you!

Target Audience: Intended for those walking without assistive device, no recent falls, able to stand for 20-25 minutes without difficulty. May need hand support close by for some exercises.

Avg Length: 20-25 minutes

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Boxing Workouts
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    By popular request, we have a NEW series of Rock Steady Boxing led by Marylene R. Kuhlmann, who is founder and owner of Rock Steady Boxing - San Diego. Join in on the fun as Marylene challenges your cognition and full body coordination!

  • Boxing Fundamentals

    Episode 2

    Join Marylene, Nate, and Tim on our very first boxing session! This episode will teach you the correct punching and defensive techniques for boxing. It will also challenge your full body coordination and cognition with sequenced moves!

  • Balance and Coordination

    Episode 3

    Let Marylene train you to be more steady and agile on your feet with this boxing routing.

    Exercises include: leg kicks, punching sequence, and defensive stepping.

  • Posture and Balance

    Episode 4

    This video focuses on standing posture and keeping you steady when moving around.

  • Putting It All Together

    Episode 5

    Join in as Marylene ties everything together from all her boxing sessions to give you a fun, full body and mind workout.

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 1

    Episode 6

    Boxing drills to keep your mind and your body running strong!

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 2

    Episode 7

    Boxing and brain games!

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 3

    Episode 8

    Challenge your mind and body with boxing moves in a circuit training format that will keep your heart pumping.

    Exercises include: Lateral lunges, duck and punch sequences, modified jumping jacks, squats with kickouts

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 4

    Episode 9

    Get your heart rate up and your body agile with this episode.

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 5

    Episode 10

    This episode uses boxing drills to work up a sweat and hit the all the areas important for PD. All exercises are in standing.

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 6

    Episode 11

    We using boxing movements to build intensity, coordination and challenge your brain!

  • Starter Series: Boxing - Episode 18

    Episode 12

    This is our 4th workout in our boxing segment on the Starter Series. These classes use boxing drills to work on functional movements including transfers, turns and reaching across body. We hope you all enjoy.