9 Seasons

This series is perfect for those of you feeling a little stiff. Our wonderful Yoga Instructors, Josie and Peter, focus on flexibility and balance. There are three different instructors, Yoga with Dana, Flow Yoga with Josie as well as Adaptive Yoga with Peter.

Yoga also challenges your ability to sequence, work on breathing and test your cognition. We believe you will enjoy it! She gives great modifications using chairs and yoga blocks if needed.

There is also an Adaptive Yoga season led by Peter Lynch that focuses stretching and coordination primarily from a chair with standing only with chair support.

Target Audience for Yoga: Able to comfortably and safely move from standing to sitting or the ground with use of chair. Intended for those dealing with rigidity and decreased flexibility.

Target Audience for Adaptive Yoga with Peter: Require a chair for balance in standing. Able to sit independently.

Avg Time: 30-55 min

Equipment: yoga blocks, yoga mat, chair.

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  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 1, Season 2

    Episode 1

    Awaken the spine with spinal twists and deep side bends with different variations from standing, to kneeling and lying down. Great for building body awareness and improves flexibility. This practice concentrates on stretching the core muscles including deeper layers of fascia.

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 2, Season 2

    Episode 2

    Short and sweet mostly standing sequence focusing on directional change and balance followed by a hips and shoulders opener on the mat.

  • Yoga With Josie: Session 3, Season 2

    Episode 3

    Josie leads us through a great yoga routine that can be easily performed using a chair for support. Many of the poses are from the seated position so if you have difficulty with standing balance, this workout will be a great fit!

  • Yoga with Josie: Session 4, Season 2

    Episode 4

    Josie guides you through another yoga session based on accessibility (props and modifications) for the lower body, strength first half and stretching the last half.

  • Yoga with Josie: Session 5, Season 2

    Episode 5

    Low and slow - this calming sequence is lower to the ground and takes a few rounds of breath in each post. This would be a great sequence to do at the end of the day.

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 6, Season 2

    Episode 6

    Join in with Josie and Nate as they walk you through tree pose modifications.

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 7, Season 2

    Episode 7

    Accessible sitting sun salutations practice, great to do before the beginning of another episode or alone as a quick invigorating morning sequence. Repeat 3-4x times on each sides.

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 8, Season 2

    Episode 8

    Gentle yoga chair flow. All you’ll need is a sturdy chair, optional props - blocks or books if your feet don’t rest flat on the floor and a big pillow or bolster to place on your lap for Svasana.

  • Pose Modifications: Warrior 2

    Episode 9

  • Pose Modifications: Downward Dog

    Episode 10

  • Pose Modification: Tree Pose Breakdown

    Episode 11

    Join in with Josie and Nate as they breakdown how to do Tree Pose as well as show you easy modifications for the pose.

  • Pose Modification: Eagle's Pose Breakdown

    Episode 12

    Join Josie as she breakdown how to do Eagle's Pose.