Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

Yoga with Josie: Episode 6, Season 2

1m 59s

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  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 7, Season 2

    Accessible sitting sun salutations practice, great to do before the beginning of another episode or alone as a quick invigorating morning sequence. Repeat 3-4x times on each sides.

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 8, Season 2

    Gentle yoga chair flow. All you’ll need is a sturdy chair, optional props - blocks or books if your feet don’t rest flat on the floor and a big pillow or bolster to place on your lap for Svasana.

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 9, Season 2 ...

    Balance & Twist = Standing sequence focusing on Warrior poses, single leg balancing using with option to use a chair and trunk rotations. Requires - mat. Optional - sturdy chair or waist height table.