Strength Training

Strength Training

3 Episodes

Feeling like muscle weakness is an issue for you? Try this series focused on building and maintaining muscle strength to perform all the activities of everyday life. Be sure to have some dumbbells (2-5lbs) and a yoga mat ready to go as some positions will get down on the ground. We hope you all enjoy!

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Strength Training
  • Strength Training: Episode 1 (3.4.20)

    Episode 1

    Join this new series with France where she focuses on strength and stability from a standing and floor position. If you have some light dumbbells and a yoga mat, please have it handy. We use a chair to get down to the ground easily but the first half is in standing for those that might have dif...

  • Strength Training: Episode 2 (3.12.20)

    Episode 2

    France puts you through your paces again with episode 2 of our Strength Training Series. Have a set of dumbbells ready (even water bottles will work just fine). This session starts at a chair and ends on the ground so you might have those on hand as well.

  • Strength Training: Episode 3 (3.18.20)

    Episode 3

    Join France for another episode of Strength Training. You will need dumbbells and a mat for this challenging workout. We hope you enjoy!