Core Training

Core Training

8 Episodes

We know our core strength helps us feel controlled and centered with normal daily tasks. Let Personal Trainer France Marien guide you through a series of short workouts aimed at getting your hips, abdominals, back and gluts working to keep you centered and stable throughout the day!

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Core Training
  • Core Training: Episode 1

    Join France in our NEW Core Training series!

    Exercises include: dead bugs, windshield wipers, plank, superheros, hip bridges, and stretching at the end.

  • Core Training: Episode 2

    Join France in another killer ab workout!

    Exercises include: Russian twists, bird-dogs, superhero, and elbow planks.

  • Core Training: Episode 3

    Join France in another great workout that targets your core muscles.

    Exercises include: double leg lifts, side plank hip dips, kick-backs, plank hip rotations, supermans and more!

  • Core Training: Episode 4

    Join France in another great core workout!

    Exercises include: flutter kicks, side-to-side crunches, plank walks, single leg hip bridges, and more!

  • ChairFit: Session 9, 2019

    Welcome to the first episode of our NEW Modified Core Training Series with France!

    Equipment needed: a chair
    Exercises include: figure 8s with arms, punching, trunk rotation, and hinging from hips.

  • Modified Core Training: Episode 2

    Join in with France for another modified core training session!

    Exercises include: trunk rotation, seated weight shifting, toe touches, and more!

  • Modified Core Training: Episode 3

    Join France in another awesome modified core workout!

    Exercises include: trunk twists, hip hinges, bus cord pulls, and lifting both legs while leaning back.

  • Modified Core Training: Episode 4

    Join in with France on another workout!

    Exercises include: sprinkle moves, trunk bends, hip hinges, and Russian twists.