9 Seasons

This series is perfect for those of you feeling a little stiff. Our wonderful Yoga Instructors, Josie and Peter, focus on flexibility and balance. There are three different instructors, Yoga with Dana, Flow Yoga with Josie as well as Adaptive Yoga with Peter.

Yoga also challenges your ability to sequence, work on breathing and test your cognition. We believe you will enjoy it! She gives great modifications using chairs and yoga blocks if needed.

There is also an Adaptive Yoga season led by Peter Lynch that focuses stretching and coordination primarily from a chair with standing only with chair support.

Target Audience for Yoga: Able to comfortably and safely move from standing to sitting or the ground with use of chair. Intended for those dealing with rigidity and decreased flexibility.

Target Audience for Adaptive Yoga with Peter: Require a chair for balance in standing. Able to sit independently.

Avg Time: 30-55 min

Equipment: yoga blocks, yoga mat, chair.

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