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Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training: Session 9, Season 2


Up Next in High intensity Training 2019

  • High Intensity Training: Session 10, ...

    Nate and Kelsey are back to guide you threw a great workout with a NEW cognitive game at the end!

    Exercises include: the archer, trunk rotation, boxing sequence, and super man pose (single leg balance).

  • High Intensity Training: Session 11, ...

    Nate leads us through this series from floor level to work on strength and flexibility while at the same time improving our mobility while on the ground.
    Exercises include: bird dogs, thread the needle, kneeling with trunk extension and side to side stepping on all 4s.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 12, ...

    Join Kelsey, Nate, and Jeanette in our second ground-work exercise session!

    Exercises include: trunk rotation while kneeling, dead bugs, sideways scoots, and reaching from a sideways plank.