High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training

3 Seasons

This series is designed to get you moving! We use BIG movements in a high intensity format to get your heart pumping and add in cognitive challenges at the end to get your mind moving as well!

Target Audience: Intended for those walking without assistive device, no recent falls, able to stand for 20-25 minutes without difficulty. May need hand support close by for some exercises.

Avg Length: 20-25 minutes

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High Intensity Training
  • High Intensity Training: Episode 33, Season 2

    Episode 1

    Join JG, Kelsey and Nate in this fun and creative workout. We focus on cognition and coordination in 2 of our exercises and getting our heart rate up in the other 2. This is a good one! Enjoy!

  • High Intensity Training: Session 32, Season 2

    Episode 2

    Get your chairs ready! This workout makes great use of a basic chair, countertop or coffee table. Anything sturdy will work for this intensive workout that is focused on big movements in challenging positions.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 31, Season 2

    Episode 3

    Kelsey leads this challenging workout with Riley and JG as we continue to push your ability to coordinate movement, work on size and force as well as a nice cognitive challenge at the end that is fun and focuses on balance. Enjoy and keep up the good work!

  • High Intensity Training: Session 30, Season 2

    Episode 4

    We work on turns with a new exercise in this circuit style workout. I hope you enjoy.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 29, Season 2

    Episode 5

    Kelsey leads this workout with a focus on trunk rotation, high stepping and sidesteps with jumping jacks. We finish it up with a cognitive task. Hope you all enjoy!!

  • High Intensity Training: Session 28, Season 2

    Episode 6

    Join Nate, JG and Kelsey on this dynamic workout. We perform part of this workout using a chair for "mountain climbers" so please have one handy!!

  • High Intensity Training: Session 27, Season 2

    Episode 7

    This workout uses two boxing sequences as well as a coordinated sit to stand sequence. Join JG and Nate, have some fun and keep your body moving smoothly.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 26, Season 2

    Episode 8

    Join Nate in this week's High Intensity workout with a focus on trunk rotation using punching combinations, sequenced movements and coordinated reaching exercises. We finish up with cognitive stepping drill and a cool- down. We hope you all enjoy!

  • High Intensity Training: Session 25, Season 2

    Episode 9

    Follow this week's (11/8/2019) episode of High Intensity Training focused on whole body movements incorporating coordination, balance and amplitude challenges. We also add in a pushup challenge to increase awareness and raise money for PD. Enjoy!!!

  • High Intensity Training: Episode 24, Season 2

    Episode 10

    Join this fun routine with us! We through in a few tough exercises for coordination and got our heart rates up with jumping jacks. Enjoy!!

  • High Intensity Training: Episode 23, Season 2

    Episode 11

    Join in with Nate and Jeanette on another recorded livestream workout!

  • High Intensity Training: Session 22, Season 2

    Episode 12

    Join Kelsey, Nate, and Jeanette in another awesome workout session!

    Exercises include: warm up, trunk rotation, punch kicks, cognitive drill, and a cool down.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 21, Season 2

    Episode 13

    Join Nate and Jeanette in another great high intensity workout!

    Exercises include: squats, lawn mowers, cross punches, lunge sequence, and a boxing cognitive drill at the end.

  • High Intensity Training: Episode 20, Season 2

    Episode 14

    Join in with Nate for another great workout session!

    Exercises include: side step and reach, cross body reach, high knees with arm coordination, squats with boxing sequence, toe touches with trunk rotation, and a fun cognitive drill at the end.

  • High Intensity Training: Episode 19, Season 2

    Episode 15

    Join in with Kelsey and Jeannette in another great workout (with modifications in a chair).

    Exercises include: squats, side lunges, forward lung with trunk rotation, weight shift and reach, and a cognitive drill at the end.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 18, Season 2

    Episode 16

    Join Nate as he guides you though another high intensity and amplitude workout session!

    Exercises include: single leg balance, side steps, squats, boxing sequence and a cognitive drill at the end.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 17, Season 2

    Episode 17

    Join Nate and Jeannette as they show modifications of exercises from standing to sitting in a chair!

    Exercises include: squats, side step and reach, jumping jacks, boxing sequence and a cognitive challenge at the end.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 16, Season 2

    Episode 18

    Join in with Kelsey, Nate and Jeannette for another exercise session. Please grab a chair (if needed) as Nate shows modifications of exercises from a chair.

    Exercises include: squat hits, single leg trunk twists, lunge rotations, boxing sequence and cognitive drill at the end.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 15, Season 2

    Episode 19

    Join Nate, Kelsey and Jeannette through another high intensity exercise session.

    Exercises include: power ups, side reaching, trunk rotation, and step and reach.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 14, Season 2

    Episode 20

    This is the last workout in our 4-part floor based series.
    Exercises include: bridges with a step, rolling and reaching, modified planks and hip openers on all 4s.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 13, Season 2

    Episode 21

    Join Nate on the second high intensity workout on the ground.

    Exercises include:

  • High Intensity Training: Session 12, Season 2

    Episode 22

    Join Kelsey, Nate, and Jeanette in our second ground-work exercise session!

    Exercises include: trunk rotation while kneeling, dead bugs, sideways scoots, and reaching from a sideways plank.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 11, Season 2

    Episode 23

    Nate leads us through this series from floor level to work on strength and flexibility while at the same time improving our mobility while on the ground.
    Exercises include: bird dogs, thread the needle, kneeling with trunk extension and side to side stepping on all 4s.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 10, Season 2

    Episode 24

    Nate and Kelsey are back to guide you threw a great workout with a NEW cognitive game at the end!

    Exercises include: the archer, trunk rotation, boxing sequence, and super man pose (single leg balance).