Free Workouts

Free Workouts

9 Episodes

These workouts offer a sampling of what we do each and every week on Daily Dose PD. Enjoy a varied selection of our workouts. We hope they help you stay motivated and moving in the right direction to fight this disease. If you like the workouts and want more, sign up for your free 30 day trial to get full access to all of our pre-recorded and LIVE workouts. The cost is only $29/month after that!

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Free Workouts
  • Starter Series: 9.21.21

    Episode 1

    This series is your starting point for Daily Dose PD. This is a moderately paced workout all performed in standing that focuses on big movements (amplitude), balance and coordination. If you can do these workouts without issue, we encourage you to try our A.M.P. Class or High Intensity series....

  • ChairFit with France: 11.10.21

    Episode 2

    Join us for our ChairFit workout focused on BIG movements, balance training and whole-body strengthening. We will use a chair for support and balance. If you are someone who has trouble with balance, needs an assistive device to walk or gets tired easily, this workout is right for you.

  • A.M.P. Class: 9.27.21

    Episode 3

    Amplitude, Mental agility, Power. This is our all-in-one class! 40-45 minutes of amplitude, mental agility and power. Part of the session is on the ground so please have a mat ready. This is a difficult class so please be aware and make modifications appropriately.

  • Boxing with Susie: 5.11.21

    Episode 4

    Our boxing instructor, Susie Rosenstein, will put you through your paces in this fast-paced workout that will challenge your mind and body. Susie will focus on boxing drills in addition to total-body conditioning to improve mobility and strength. Feel free to use your boxing gloves or 1-2 lb wt...

  • Voice Training: Sound of Music Theme (10.6.21)

    Episode 5

    SPEAK OUT! focuses on the concept of intent. SPEAK OUT! strengthens the muscles used for speaking and swallowing and places emphasis on speaking with intent and converting speech from an automatic function to an intentional act. In these workouts, we work through speech, voice, and cognitive ex...

  • Tai Chi with Jenny: Form 1-Move the Ball

    Episode 6

    This session focuses on form one and weight shifting.

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 8, Season 2

    Episode 7

    Gentle yoga chair flow. All you’ll need is a sturdy chair, optional props - blocks or books if your feet don’t rest flat on the floor and a big pillow or bolster to place on your lap for Svasana.

  • Episode 32 - Morning Mobility

    Episode 8

    Get the flexibility and balance you need.... on the water!

  • 5 Essentials of Exercise for PD

    Episode 9

    This is a 12 minute educational video we put together for the exercise portion of PD School, an online educational course for PD. It goes through the 5 keys research shows are most important for Parkinson's Disease.