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Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

Tai Chi with Jenny

Tai Chi: Form 1, Move the Ball


Up Next in Tai Chi with Jenny: 6 part progression (2019)

  • Tai Chi: Form 2, Part Wild Horses Mane

    "Part Wild Horses Mane". This is video #2 in Jenny's 6-part series. This video is a progression from "Move the Ball" and will challenge your balance, coordination of arms and legs as well as the ability to sequence movements together. Tai Chi is proven to reduce risk of falls in Tai Chi. We h...

  • Tai Chi: Form 3, Single Whip

    Join our 3rd workout in this 6 part series focused on balance, coordination and sequencing. Jenny leads you through from 3... Single Whip. We hope you enjoy!

  • Tai Chi: Form 4, Wave Hand lIke Cloud

    This is the fourth video in our six part progression for Tai Chi. The videos get harder as you go. Jenny leads you through Form 4: Wave Hands Like Cloud. We hope you enjoy!