Specialized Workouts and Education

We have placed all of our more specialized videos in this area. Take a look! You might find something that really works for you.

  • Voice Training

    1 season

    Do you have trouble speaking up? Do people ask you to repeat yourself? Low vocal volume and decreased lung power is a symptom of Parkinson's Disease and these videos are here to help. Jump right in as Sarah Awde from Get Loud Stay Loud leads you through a series of workouts aimed at a bigger a...

  • Foot Exercises

    1 season

  • Hand Exercises

    Fine motor tasks can be very frustrating. Work on wrist, hand and finger dexterity/flexibility in this video

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

    Movie + 3 extras

    Work on mindfulness/meditation methods to decrease stress with these videos.

  • Face Exercises

    1 season

  • Core Training

    1 season

    We know our core strength helps us feel controlled and centered with normal daily tasks. Let Personal Trainer France Marien guide you through a series of short workouts aimed at getting your hips, abdominals, back and gluts working to keep you centered and stable throughout the day!

  • Strength Training

    1 season

    Feeling like muscle weakness is an issue for you? Try this series focused on building and maintaining muscle strength to perform all the activities of everyday life. Be sure to have some dumbbells (2-5lbs) and a yoga mat ready to go as some positions will get down on the ground. We hope you al...

  • Ground Work

    1 season

    The ability to get around on the ground is vital to living your best. Whether it be getting around in bed, cleaning up the house, playing with children/grandchildren or getting up from a fall. Practicing your mobility on the ground is important and these videos will keep you moving your best!

  • Nutrition with Jennette

    1 season

    Jennette Malsbury does a wonderful job of laying out some basic do's and don'ts in this series. She will lay out the basics of living a healthy lifestyle with the disease.