Voice Training

Voice Training

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Do you have trouble speaking up? Do people ask you to repeat yourself? Low vocal volume and decreased lung power is a symptom of Parkinson's Disease and these videos are here to help. Jump right in as Julie Fechter, CCC-SLP leads you through a series of workouts aimed at a bigger and better vocal volume and breathing.

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Voice Training
  • Introduction to Voice Training

    Episode 1

    We start our Livestream workouts at 9 AM PST on Wednesdays. Click the following link to join in: https://zoom.us/j/539407002

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

    Episode 2

  • Vocal Warmups

    Episode 3

    Warm ups and introduction to loud/purposeful speech.

    1. Straw
    2. Timer

  • Pronunciation and Volume Training

    Episode 4

    Are you having trouble with controlling the effort and volume you put into your voice? Well then this is the perfect video for you!

    Equipment needed:
    1. Straw
    2. Cup of water
    3. Your voice

    Exercises include: repeating places traveled, short and long sentences, answering conversation to...

  • Information on Swallowing

    Episode 5

    Difficulty swallowing can happen at anytime with PD. Julie discusses why it is extremely important learn about the precautions and suggestions on how to strengthen your ability to swallow and avoid choking.