AMP Class

AMP Class

7 Seasons

Looking for a high energy class? Jump right in and feel the energy come through the screen and into your room! We tailor these workouts to build endurance, strength and balance.

Target Audience: Walking without assistive device, no recent falls, able to stand for 20-25 minutes without difficulty, may need hand support close by for some exercises

Avg Time: 30-45 min

Equipment: hand weights (1-3 lbs), chair, yoga mat,

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AMP Class
  • AMP Class with France: Session 1 (4.11.19)

    Episode 1

    France is back with another wonderful season of AMP classes. Please join in the fun and bring a water bottle and a towel. You will sweat!

    Exercises Include: reverse curtsy with twist and balance, squats with voice and cognitive challenge, hops with side leg lifts. Core and upper body resista...

  • AMP Class with France: Session 2 (4.18.19)

    Episode 2

    Join France in our latest AMP class focused on amplitude and strength.

    Exercises include: warmup, lunge with balance, squat with spine twist and cognitive challenge, dynamic step with loud voice and traveling plank.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 3 (4.25.19)

    Episode 3

    Join France in another great workout that will get your heart pumping!

    Exercises include: coordination, balance, endurance, strength and amplitude, as well as a cognitive challenge.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 4 (5.2.19)

    Episode 4

    Join France in another high intensity exercise class!

    Exercises include: slow and controlled movement, strength and coordination training, turn practice and a cognitive challenge.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 5 (5.9.19)

    Episode 5

    Get your heart pumping by joining in with France on another high intensity workout!

    Exercises include: big cardio moves, coordination work, lunges and cognitive challenge, as well as core training.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 6 (5.16.19)

    Episode 6

    Join in with France for another high intensity exercise that will make you sweat!

    Exercises include: dynamic squat with cognitive exercise, cardio skater, lunge to plank challenge, followed by upper body and core strength combination.

  • AMP class with France: Session 7 (5.23.19)

    Episode 7

    Join in for session 7 of our 8 part AMP class series in 2019.

    Exercises Include: squat with posture work, side lunge with spine twist, forward lunge with stretch, and push-up with leg reach.

  • AMP Class with France: Session 8 (5.30.19)

    Episode 8

    Get ready to sweat it out with France in this full-body workout session!

    Exercises include: diagonal squat with balance challenge, lunge combo with cognitive work, and box plank with a kick.