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Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training: Session 14, Season 2


Up Next in High intensity Training 2019

  • High Intensity Training: Session 15, ...

    Join Nate, Kelsey and Jeannette through another high intensity exercise session.

    Exercises include: power ups, side reaching, trunk rotation, and step and reach.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 16, ...

    Join in with Kelsey, Nate and Jeannette for another exercise session. Please grab a chair (if needed) as Nate shows modifications of exercises from a chair.

    Exercises include: squat hits, single leg trunk twists, lunge rotations, boxing sequence and cognitive drill at the end.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 17, ...

    Join Nate and Jeannette as they show modifications of exercises from standing to sitting in a chair!

    Exercises include: squats, side step and reach, jumping jacks, boxing sequence and a cognitive challenge at the end.