Learn more about many aspects of healthy living with PD.

  • Exercise and PD

    1 season

    Learn how physical, cognitive and voice exercise helps manage the symptoms of PD.

  • DBS: A Patient's Point of View

    Thanks to Jennie Allex, DPT, from The Parkinson's Fitness Project and Matt Lydon for putting on this wonderful webinar focusing on the patient's experience with DBS. We hope you find it insightful. Feel free to reach out with any questions in the comments section and we'll try to respond quickly1

  • Nutrition with Jennette

    1 season

    Jennette Malsbury does a wonderful job of laying out some basic do's and don'ts in this series. She will lay out the basics of living a healthy lifestyle with the disease.

  • Parkie Friends Podcast

    2 seasons

    Tim and Kent are good friends who have a lot in common... including Parkinson's Disease. They developed this podcast as a way of talking through the ups and downs of life with PD. We think their conversations might be relatable to many of you. Hopefully, their podcast will bring you helpful in...

  • Cognition, Emotion, and Parkinson's Disease

    Interview with Larissa Del Piero, PhD, Clinical Psychologist