Warm Ups, Cool Downs and Meditation

Warm Ups, Cool Downs and Meditation

Loosen your body up before or after a workout and work on mindfulness/meditation methods to decrease stress with these videos.

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Warm Ups, Cool Downs and Meditation
  • Warm Up

    Easy Warm Up to get your blood flowing before a workout!


  • Cool Down

    A quick cool down to wind down after an episode of The Daily Dose!

  • Mindfulness

    This guided practice ties in the internal environment with the external environment. You will learn to practice the art of being aware yet nonjudgmental to the thoughts in your mind or the external noises in your environment.

  • Body Scan

    Guided meditation focusing on noticing different parts of the body that helps increase body awareness through out the day.

  • Breath Focus

    Guided awareness to your breathing by paying attention the length of each breath cycle, how the body moves with each inhale and exhale.