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  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 11, Season 2

    Part 1 standing level 2 - moderate intensity/skill level standing leg sequence with modifications. Requires mat and two blocks.
    Optional - chair, standing near wall or sturdy table/counter.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 34, Season 2

    This workout will challenge your body and your mind. This session is a lot of fun. Tune in and have a laugh with us while you sweat it out!

  • Starter Series: Episode 20

    Nate focuses greater attention on balance in this workout. He also introduces a cool down focused on hand/wrist mobility and strength. We hope you enjoy!

  • ChairFit Live: Episode 12

    Join France in another lively workout that focuses on exercises you can perform with the help of a chair.

  • ChairFit Live: Episode 11

    France puts you through your paces working through this energetic chair-based workout. We hope you enjoy!

  • Starter Series: 1.27.20

    Join Nate in this series that focuses on BIG movements, balance and coordination. We hope you enjoy!!

  • ChairFit Live: 1.29.20

    Join France in her popular ChairFit series which utilizes a chair for modifications to keep you stable while challenging your whole body.

  • High Intensity Training: 1.31.20

    Join along with Nate, Kelsey and JG as we work on size, strength and getting your heart pumping in this high intensity workout.