Boxing Workouts

Boxing Workouts

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Boxing involves BIG, intense, whole-body movements as well as a cognitive challenge. These videos are all boxing inspired to give you a fun challenge. We hope it's a knock-out for you!

Target Audience: Intended for those walking without assistive device, no recent falls, able to stand for 20-25 minutes without difficulty. May need hand support close by for some exercises.

Avg Length: 20-25 minutes

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Boxing Workouts
  • Boxing with Nate: Session 1

    Episode 1

    Boxing drills to keep your mind and your body running strong!

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 2

    Episode 2

    Boxing and brain games!

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 3

    Episode 3

    Challenge your mind and body with boxing moves in a circuit training format that will keep your heart pumping.

    Exercises include: Lateral lunges, duck and punch sequences, modified jumping jacks, squats with kickouts

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 4

    Episode 4

    Get your heart rate up and your body agile with this episode.

  • Boing with Nate: Session 5

    Episode 5

    This episode uses boxing drills to work up a sweat and hit the all the areas important for PD. All exercises are in standing.

  • Boxing with Nate: Session 6

    Episode 6

    We using boxing movements to build intensity, coordination and challenge your brain!