New Releases

New Releases

We update and add workouts weekly to keep you at your best and keep things fresh. This playlist will be regularly updated so that you always have the latest workouts at hand.

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New Releases
  • High Intensity Training: Episode 20, Season 2

    Join in with Nate for another great workout session!

    Exercises include: side step and reach, cross body reach, high knees with arm coordination, squats with boxing sequence, toe touches with trunk rotation, and a fun cognitive drill at the end.

  • Core Training: Episode 4

    Join France in another great core workout!

    Exercises include: flutter kicks, side-to-side crunches, plank walks, single leg hip bridges, and more!

  • Yoga with Josie: Episode 8, Season 2

    Gentle yoga chair flow. All you’ll need is a sturdy chair, optional props - blocks or books if your feet don’t rest flat on the floor and a big pillow or bolster to place on your lap for Svasana.

  • Intensity Starter Series: Session 4

    Our Starter Series is designed to introduce users to some of our most common exercises. The workouts are meant to be a bit slower than our High Intensity Series so that you can focus on control and quality of movement. This is a great starting point for new users. If the workouts are too easy....

  • AMP Class with France: Session 8, Season 2

    Get ready to sweat it out with France in this full-body workout session!

    Exercises include: diagonal squat with balance challenge, lunge combo with cognitive work, and box plank with a kick.

  • Nutrition Talk with Jeannette: Green Juicing

    Join in with Jeannette as she talks about green juicing.