Face Exercises

Face Exercises

5 Episodes

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Face Exercises
  • Face Exercises: Basic Series

    Episode 1

  • Face Exercises: Complex Series

    Episode 2

    This workout builds on our basic series with some more complex exercises for the face that will force use of all facial muscles. Enjoy!

  • Face Exercises: Facial Transitions

    Episode 3

    This workout focuses on transitioning between expressions. This requires coordination of facial muscles and Tim does a wonderful job of leading you through this quick and effective routine. Enjoy!

  • Face Exercises: Facial Layering

    Episode 4

    Tim is back with longer hair and another great episode working on 'layering' facial expressions. This episode builds on 'facial transitions' from his last episode.

  • Face Exercises: Mixed Message (5.13.21)

    Episode 5

    Join Tim as he combines previous exercises and adds new challenges in this fun and complex facial workout. We hope you enjoy!