New Releases

  • Modified Core Training: Episode 1

    Welcome to the first episode of our NEW Modified Core Training Series with France!

    Equipment needed: a chair
    Exercises include: figure 8s with arms, punching, trunk rotation, and hinging from hips.

  • High Intensity Training: Session 21, Season 2

    Join Nate and Jeanette in another great high intensity workout!

    Exercises include: squats, lawn mowers, cross punches, lunge sequence, and a boxing cognitive drill at the end.

  • Starter Series: Amplitude/Intensity

    1 season

    Our Starter Series is a great place to begin!!
    Working on Amplitude and Intensity are two of the most important ways to exercise for PD. This series of workouts are great for Daily Dose users who are just getting started and want to get comfortable with basic movements before progressing to our...

  • Core Training
    1 season

    Core Training

    1 season

    We know our core strength helps us feel controlled and centered with normal daily tasks. Let Personal Trainer France Marien guide you through a series of short workouts aimed at getting your hips, abdominals, back and gluts working to keep you centered and stable throughout the day!

  • Yoga
    3 seasons


    3 seasons

    This series is perfect for those of you feeling a little stiff. Our wonderful Yoga Instructors, Josie and Peter, focus on flexibility and balance. There are two different series, Flow Yoga with Josie and Adaptive Yoga with Peter.

    The flow yoga technique Josie uses also challenges your abil...

  • Livestream workout


    High Intensity Interval Training
    Time: Fridays at 12:30 PM PT
    Workout length: 20-25 min
    Click this link to join:

    We livestream the above workouts each and every week. Click the link below to engage with others across the world fighting the disease, ask our PD-f...