Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

High Intensity Training Session 4: Season 2


Up Next in High Intensity Training 2020

  • High Intensity Training Session 3: Se...

    Kelsey, Jeanette and Nate lead you through another creative and energetic workout.
    Exercises include: High knee marching, Cross Body Reaching, Hip Opening lunges and Sidesteps

  • High Intensity Training Session 2: Se...

    Nate is back again to guide you through another high intensity workout alongside our special guest, Kelsey. Are you ready to challenge your mind and body? Then, press play and let's get started!

    Exercises include: jumping jacks, cross body reaching, forward lunges, and single-leg side kicks.

  • High Intensity Training Session 1: Se...

    Join Nate, Jeanette, and Kelsey in this fun group workout!

    Exercises include: single leg balance, squats with trunk rotation, shadow boxing combination, step/hop and reach, and a cognitive drill at the end.