Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

Watch this video and more on Daily Dose PD

High Intensity Training: Episode 28 (7.31.20)

Featured Category • 24m

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  • Face Exercises: Facial Transitions

    This workout focuses on transitioning between expressions. This requires coordination of facial muscles and Tim does a wonderful job of leading you through this quick and effective routine. Enjoy!

  • A.M.P. Class: Episode 38 (7.30.20)

    Amplitude, Mental agility, Power. This is our all-in-one class! 40-45 minutes of amplitude, mental agility and power. Part of the session is on the ground so please have a mat ready. This is a difficult class so please be aware and make modifications appropri

  • ChairFit Live: 7.29.20

    Join us for our ChairFit workout focused on BIG movements, balance training and whole-body strengthening. We will use a chair for support and balance. If you are someone who has trouble with balance, needs an assistive device to work or gets tired easily, this workout is right for you.